Sherry Liepper

How does a woman end up in the seafood business.? Being raised in the business, you could say I was the daughter of a fishmonger. My dad used to work twenty hours a day, smell like fish when he came home to sleep for four hours a night. I went off to college, entered a retail training program for a large department store chain until one day my father said you work so hard you should do it for yourself. Almost 10 years later, it brings us to where we are today. Strong relationships with fishermen from all ports of call enables us to get the best product.

Quality and service is what we are about. I saw first hand from my father’s company that the bigger you are, the less control you have over quality . We love what we do and more important we love to work for our customers. Supplying the finest restaurants and hotels in NYC it is our job to scour the globe to find the best products available.

In order to believe it, you need to experience it.


Sherri Liepper

Founder & Principal